I worked it all out. The computer I use for composing with the software still had IE8 as a browser. I avoid going on the internet with it regularly and just use it to compose. I do gather wav files and mp3s or things like your products to aid my work, but not for casual surfing. Until yesterday, there wasn’t a reason to use anything other than Internet Explorer. As near as I can tell, this is the reason I never got the checkout link. Yesterday, I cleaned up the files and installed Chrome. That seems to have done the trick.

As you may have seen in other transactions on your site, I was able to purchase a bundle and download it. I’ve spent most of the morning installing it per the “Readme” file. My situation didn’t follow exactly with your instructions, but I was still able to put it in the right folder, and to get the ball rolling. I like it!

The test playing of all the various template’s custom instruments is a nice touch. I sure could have used that in the past when I was looking for that special sound to add in a composition. I plan to keep it so I can audition sounds to use.

VDL is due to arrive in the mail any day now. I plan on using your product to plug it into use and be “up and running” ASAP. I’ve felt guilty for purchasing the bundle because in having to do without it, I’ve been forced to do things the hard way and learn the inner workings of how things are done with the software. The guilt comes from having to explain to my wife that while I have the expertise (eventually) to do what is needed, your products will speed things along for me and I can start writing sooner.

I’ve registered with both the product side and the forum at your site, so if I need any more help I’ll drop in, read a lot, and perhaps post a note. I want you to know that I do appreciate your promptness in replying to my problems, and addressing the issues.


Nelson LeDoux
Consultant/Arranger, Boonville H.S. Bands
Warrick County, Indiana, USA