In order to help clear up any possible confusion as to what we mean when we use certain terms, we have provided a glossary for everyone’s convenience. These terms may or may not be software specific.

Keymaps – A piano keyboard’s perspective of where a sample library has its sounds mapped.

Input Maps – A piano keyboard’s perspective of where the sounds are for note input. These could have a different layout than their general use (Keymaps) versions.

PlayTest – A set of Sibelius files almost identical to the TriggerTest files (see below). The only difference is that Sibelius Player does not provide a visual interface for viewing the actual triggers.

S7S – Sample library: Sibelius 7 Sounds, included with Sibelius 7.

SE5 – Sample library: Sibelius Sounds Essentials, KontaktPlayer2 version, included with Sibelius 5.

SE6 – Sample library: Sibelius Sounds Essentials, Sibelius Player version, included with Sibelius 6.

Template – A set of preconfigured support files for your writing environment that lends to ultra fast setup and almost immediate usability while facilitating your favorite sample library.

TriggerTest – A set of Sibelius files that allow you to test to see if your writing environment is setup properly. These can also be used to just listen to get an overview of what sounds are in a particular library.

TWS – The Write Score.

VDL – Sample library: Virtual Drumline. This library is produced by Tapspace Publications and you can read more about them by going to our Links page.