Writing Environments

Music creation software has come a long way in the last couple of decades and it’s just going to get better as we move forward. We currently have templates available for the following writing environments. Click on an image to go to their home page.

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Sample Libraries

If you think that writing software has come along way, sample libraries have probably come along even further. With the realism to the point where you can’t tell if it was produced on an orchestral sound stage or completely from a computer. And yes, we have links to our currently supported sample libraries’ company home pages (excluding libraries included with the software options above).

Tapspace Publications

TapspaceLogoTapspace is a publishing company specializing in creative percussion music. Formed in 1998, their niche has focused on advanced rudimental percussion music, concert percussion solos, and ensembles. With the release of their first software product in 2003, Virtual Drumline has revolutionized the way music educators, composers, and arrangers write and teach their music and has become a standard library of sounds in the education field and beyond.

Other Companies

Visaudio Designs

VisaudioLogoVisaudio Designs is a company specialized in show design services for the pageantry arts, namely marching band and indoor percussion. Bryan Harmsen, the company’s owner, gives master classes and presentations geared towards educating people on how to get the most out of Virtual Drumline in combination with Sibelius and Finale. With years of experience in both pageantry design and using Virtual Drumline, Bryan and the Visaudio crew can deliver the goods, both in the arena and the VDL classroom setting.