Finale VDL Template 2014

Supports VDL library version 2.5.5!

The bridge between Finale 2014+ and Virtual Drumline 2.5.


Developed by Ted Boliske

These templates provide you with the tools needed to make use of the powerful percussion sample library Virtual Drumline within the notation software Finale 2014 or later (including Finale 25/26/27). From detailed mapping diagrams, text expression library, etc. you’ll quickly get into the driver’s seat so you can start writing your next percussion masterpiece.

Be sure to read the Specifications and Requirements sections below for specific details regarding this template. For an overview of what all our Finale templates have to offer, please read Finale Templates: Overview.

Readme File

Feel free to download this template’s Readme file:

Finale VDL Readme 2014 (6.05 MB)


These templates are compatible with Finale 2014 or later (including Finale 25/26/27). A new feature in Finale 2014 allows these templates to be exported for use in Finale 2012. For more information on this, please consult the Finale 2014 On-line Help Guide. Note that enhancements and changes to newer versions of Finale may not be available with the template.

VDL Keymaps

Finale / VDL users may find our free VDL Keymaps quite useful when using this template.


Package contents ( – 10.1 MB):

  • Fin_VDL_Readme_2014.pdf – Setup and installation instructions.
  • Fin_VDL_ReadmeExtras_2014.pdf – Percussion MIDI Maps Contents, Text Expression charts and Notation Keys.
  • FIN14_VDL255 MIDI Device XML Files/ – Folder containing the Percussion MIDI Maps (.xml files)
  • FIN14_VDL255 Percussion Library/ – Folder containing the percussion layouts and Text Expressions.
  • FIN14_VDL_Templates/ – Folder containing:
    • FIN14_VDL Mac Templates/ – Folder with Battery, Ensemble, and Default template files for Mac (.musx).
    • FIN14_VDL Windows Templates/ – Folder with Battery, Ensemble, and Default template files for Windows (.ftmx).
  • SINGLE-USER_License.txt – A copy of the license agreement.



This template requires that you have the following items already installed:

Notation Software: Finale 2014 (or later)
Sample Library: Full version of Virtual Drumline 2.5 (library version 2.5.5 is supported)

Don’t have Finale? Get Finale now!

Don’t have the full version of Virtual Drumline? Get VDL now!


Your computer system spec requirements are dependent on what is needed by the software items above. Consult the documentation that is provided with them for details.


This template falls under our SINGLE-USER License.

We also have Multi-User Licenses available. Please use our Contact page for a price quote.

** VDL library version 2.5.5 is REQUIRED in order to make use of all of the instruments defined in this template.