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1. Limited Use Granted

(a) This SINGLE-USER License grants usage of the product only to the individual who purchased the license. Unauthorized use of any of the files, in any format, included in this product by anyone other than the licensee is strictly prohibited.

(b) This includes, but is not limited to, all restrictions listed in section 3(a) of this licensing agreement.

(c) The licensed user is permitted to use this product and its accompanying support files on all of User’s projects. You are not required to purchase a new product/license for every project you work on. This license grants that the product only be used by the individual who purchased a license for it.

2. Modifications

(a) You are only permitted to make modifications to and otherwise customize the instrument definitions (i.e. how the music displays on the staff) to suit your personal music writing preferences.

(b) User assumes all risk and responsibility when using files with instrument definitions that have been modified by user.

(c) All other modifications to product package contents are prohibited.

3. Unauthorized Use

(a) User may not sell, rent, share, sub-license, lease, sublease, assign, transfer, transmit, upload, email, photocopy, plagiarize, translate, digitally transfer, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer or create derivative works based upon the product.